English Parts Movements
Part #
PM1744 Straight line verge fusee, probably done as a student exercise. $80.00
PM1752 Early verge fusee project. Feron & Sons (I think). Missing some internal parts. Case is interesting but shows significant wear. $90.00

J. W. Tucker, San Francisco, California fusee movement. The initials 'W.B.' are on the pillar plate. Perhaps that is the actual English maker as Tucker is undoubtedly the retailer.

Chain is either broken or unhooked. Balance seems OK. The dust cover is included, just not pictured.

PM1754 N. Hill Son & Co. fusee. Good chain, good balance. Missing minute wheel. Dust cover included. $60.00

I. Johnstone, Liverpool fusee.

Good chain, balance seems OK. Dust cover included.


T. Combs fusee.

Broken chain. Good balance. Dust cover included.


Small (30.4mm) movement by H. Barron Clark of Peterborough and Boston.

Not running although balance seems OK.


William Dixon of London movement. 45.7mm diameter. Dust cover included.

Will run sluggishly for awhile.


Joseph Myers, Edinburgh fusee.

No chain, broken balance.


Thomas Russell and Sons fusee

Chain looks OK, broken staff. Dust cover is included.


J. Wolf Liverpool movement.

Broken staff.

PM1371 Hetherington & Son, London movement. Broken staff. $20.00
PM1092 J. Bates fusee movement. Chain appears to be OK. Balance staff is broken. $30.00

Kendal & Dent movement. S#40156. 42.6mm diameter.

Mainspring appears to be broken. Balance is good.


E. J. Dent movement. 39.7mm diameter.

Not running, good balance.


Wherly & Sheraton, Sunderland movement. 43mm diameter.

Good balance.

PM999 English fusee. Dial states "Royal Polytechnic Institution, B. J. Warner, London 1712." Same markings on the movement. Balance is fine. Chain looks to be intact. $65.00
PM1094 Thomas Russell & Son movement. Chain appears to be good. Missing parts as shown. $25.00