Hairspring Tools
Part #
wt8220 Hairspring removing plier. Spring is broken but still functions fine. $30.00
wt8693 Hairspring and stud removing pliers. $40.00
wt8362 Hairspring removing pliers. $30.00
wt7444 Dumont #21 hairspring removing pliers. $30.00
wt8635 Elgin hairspring pick. $10.00
wt8653 Elgin hairspring tool (I think). $15.00
wt8657 Hairspring leveler. (3 available) $8.00
wt8135 Two hairspring leveling tools. $15.00
wt7663 Homemade hairspring collet removing fork. $5.00
wt5917 Hairspring collet removing plier. The stud part of the tool is broken but the hairspring collet removing part functions fine. $40.00
wt5916 Hairspring collet removing plier. Missing the set screw, but perfectly usable without it. $40.00
wt5705 Hairspring pick? Or, maybe a pivot locator. $20.00
wt5720 Beat adjusting tool (collet wrench). (8 available) $25.00
wt5543 Hairspring tool. $10.00