Hamilton Parts Movements
Part #

Hamilton 18-size marked 925 grade movement. Serial number 660747.

Missing regulator and roller table. Staff is good. 'Receiving' part of the regulator is broken.

PM2396 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork (single roller, conical pivots) #96. $30.00
PM2121 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork #97. (2 available) $20.00
PM2704 Hamilton Railroad crown $40.00
PM2448 Hamilton Railroad crown and stem. Worn but still some use left in this one. $20.00
PM2468 Short detent stem for certain early 16-size grades. $15.00
PM2715 Hamilton Ball ratchet wheel. New-old-stock from LaRose. $30.00

Hamilton 17 jewel 974 (pendant set) movement with gold hardware. Private label for Stephen G. Beers of Taunton, Mass. Serial number 368402.

Broken staff, broken regulator screw. Missing stud plate.


Hamilton 17 jewel 975 movement with gold hardware. Serial number 714657.

Not running although balance seems OK. Missing a screw in the crown wheel.

PM2331 Hamilton 17 jewel 974 movement. Serial number 890883. $75.00
PM2398 Hamilton 16 size pallet fork. (3 available) $20.00
PM2399 Hamilton 16 size counterpoised (two piece) pallet fork. $25.00

Hamilton 914 movement. Serial number 1771666.

Missing hairspring and roller table. Good staff. Broken center and 4th pivots.


Hamilton 917 movement.

Broken staff


Hamilton 747 movement.

Balance is OK.

PM1674 Hamilton Secometer-B case made by S&W. 10K rolled gold plate $25.00
PM2608 Hamilton 751 balance complete. $15.00
PM017 17 jewel, 750 movement. Missing balance parts. $6.00