Measuring Tools
Part #
wt4310 Roller jewel gauge. (2 available) $20.00
wt7539 Unusual Swartchild roller jewel gauge. $25.00

Force gauge.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7403 Craftsman speed indicator. $15.00
wt5949 Geneva glass gauge. Action is a bit gummy, but it does work. $50.00
wt7503 Homemade pivot gauge. Each pivot is a different balance staff. Holes are hole jewels. $20.00
wt7490 Pivot gauge. $10.00
wt7445 Starrett micrometer. $20.00
wt3354 Central Tool micrometer. $20.00
wt4508 Starrett micrometer. $10.00
wt4277 Starrett thread pitch gauge. $15.00
wt7430 Craftsman feeler gauge. $10.00
wt7386 Feeler gauge. $10.00
wt7377 Inside/outside caliper set. $12.00
wt6944 Inside/outside caliper set. $15.00
wt6881 Caliper $5.00
wt7418 Six inch rule. Tenths of an inch on the other side. $4.00
wt5843 Douzieume gauge. $5.00
wt5153 Hand gauge. (2 available) $8.00
wt3593 Crown gauge. #11 post is broken. $15.00
wt6639 Waltham mainspring gauge. $25.00
wt5719 Marco mainspring gauge. $20.00
wt7538 Mainspring gauge $8.00
wt7390 Mainspring gauge $8.00
wt7242 Mainspring gauge $8.00
wt6876 Mainspring gauge $8.00
wt6891 Mainspring width gauge (2 available) $5.00
wt6536 Grainger's Escapement gauge and pallet setter. I believe there is a piece missing. $15.00
wt6469 Watchmaster movement gauge and ruler. $8.00
wt5156 Movement gauge. (13 available) $8.00
wt5155 Movement gauge. American sizes on one side, lignes on the other. (7 available) $8.00
wt5158 Movement gauge. (2 available) $8.00
wt5159 Movement gauge. (7 available) $8.00
wt4442 Movement gauge. (6 available) $8.00
wt5480 Movement gauge. (4 available) $6.00
wt5157 Movement gauge. Swiss only. (8 available) $5.00
wt5097 Movement gauge. Swiss only. (3 available) $5.00

Plastic movement gauge. (8 available)

Note that the one you get might not look the same as the one pictured, but all offer both Swiss and American measurements.

wt5142 G-S gauge for magnifiers. (2 available) $5.00
wt4913 VTF crystal gauge (3 available) $10.00
wt4912 Marco crystal gauge $5.00
wt5397 G-S crystal gauge (2 available) $5.00
wt3359 G-S crystal gauge (7 available) $5.00
wt3743 BB crystal gauge (3 available) $3.00
wt4798 GS crystal gauge $5.00
wt2561 Marshall plastic movement gauge. (2 available) $5.00
wt2639 Electro-Seal crystal gauge. (8 available) $4.00
wt3529 Rocket crystal gauge. $4.00
wt4512 Rocket crystal gauge. $4.00
wt6470 PerFit crystal gauge. (2 available) $3.00
wt5095 Crystal gauge. $5.00
wt1225 Electro-Seal calendar crystal gauge. $7.00