Optical Tools
Part #
wt8584 Behr double loupe. $30.00
wt8588 Behr double loupe. $30.00
wt8649 Behr double loupe. $30.00
wt8587 Behr double loupe. Note there is a chip in the front lens. It is outside the line of sight, however, and the loupe is still usable. $20.00
wt8622 Vigor loupe. With grid overlay. $20.00
wt7532 Modern plastic double loupe. $20.00
wt6101 1.5x aluminum loupe. New. (7 available) $3.00
wt7660 Large metal encased 2X lens, probably from a microscope. $10.00
wt5864 Large metal encased lens. In reality, an AO Spencer microscope objective lens. $20.00