Sharpening, Burnishing, Cutting & Filing
Part #
wt7292 Filing block. $20.00
wt7059 Small triangular burnisher. $15.00
wt7283 Small triangular Arkansas slip. $10.00
wt7282 Small burnisher. $10.00
wt7002 Curved tip burnisher. $8.00
wt6955 Set of 3 files. Flat on one side, rounded on the other. $10.00
wt6953 Set of 2 files. Rounded on both sides. $10.00
wt6954 Set of 2 files. $15.00
wt7158 Round tapered Arkansas slip. $8.00
wt7157 Rectangular agate slip. $5.00
wt7156 Medium grit triangular slip. $4.00
wt6935 Arkansas stone. $15.00

Not sure what this is but the bag it was in indicated it had something to do with sharpening drill bits.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt4565 Gesswein 240-3230 26R round diamond riffler. Appears to be new. $20.00
wt4566 Gesswein 240-3180 18R flat curved diamond riffler. Appears to be new. $20.00
wt6923 Super-fine #5 file. Smooth back. $10.00
wt6601 Brass (or possibly bell metal) slip $8.00