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Category 039 - Pocket Watches and Pendant Watches

039.186 $ 15.00Modern 16s hunting cased pocket watch, quartz movement, nos, runs but not warranted, complete with chain, white base metal with ed on one side and a raised yellow hunter with two yellow dogs raised on the lid.
039.233 $ 34.00C. Jensen, Kjoge, approx. 12s European made with cylinder escapement, broken balance staff, otherwise clean looking and complete, dial has chips, gilt hands. The case is .800 siverhinged back and bezel and metal dust cover, all hinged, vgc or better with design on back.
039.240 $ 14.00Ingersoll pendant dollar type watch with enammeled back and bezel, sws, not running, complete except crystal.
039.263 $ 29.00039.263 $ 29.00 Swiss Cylinder Pocket Watch with 6 rubis, about 17 Lignes, hour hand is broken, not running, nice white metal case with glass crystal, hinged back and dust cover, outer edge nick on dial, missing one case screw.
039.264 $ 40.00039.264 A.W.W.CO..Waltham, 19 mm Pocket watch, clean and nice looking movement. Just needs a winding part. Has Nice dial and hands.